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CCA Right in Your Back Yard Seminars

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1451 River Park Drive
Sacramento, CA 95815
Phone: 916.648.2727 x13
Fax: 916.648.2738

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Monday8 - 112 - 5
Tuesday8 - 11Closed
Wednesday8 - 112 - 5
Thursday8 - 11Closed
Friday8 - 112 - 5
SaturdayBy Appt.Closed
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Here are some easy ways you can help promote the Back Yard Seminars.

Tell DCs about CalChiroSeminars.org. Whenever you communicate with DCs, be sure to tell them about the Back Yard Seminars at CalChiroSeminars.org. When you can, provide a link the website.

Distribute the Back Yard Seminars flyer with registration form. Download and print the form, or email it as an attachment.

Post on social media. Write your own posts, or post our ready-made Back Yard Seminars images – perfect for Facebook and Twitter. Let your audience know how excited you are about taking part in the Back Yard Seminars. The social media images are shown below.

Place our digital banners and buttons on your website, emails and digital newsletters. Link the banners and buttons to CalChiroSeminars.org, and users can go right to the Back Yard website.


If you have technical questions about the files, please contact Dane Henas Design at (916) 448-1968 or dane@danehenasdesign.com.

Thank you!

How to download the images below.

“Drag” the image to your desktop or into a folder, or “right-click” on the image and select “save picture as…” to save to your desktop or into a folder. Facebook and Twitter don’t allow you to link directly from the images to the Back Yard Seminars website, so please write your own message and include a link to www.calchiroseminars.org

Facebook Images

Banners and buttons for websites, emails and digital newsletters

Save the date for our Sports & Rehab Symposium, August 18-20

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Online registration for seminars is now open.

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